The Rainforest School Bulk Order Community Service

Every school term, The Rainforest School places two bulk orders of products we use for our Kitchen/Garden Program. We prefer to buy in bulk to reduce our waste. These products have become our school-time favourites and we would like to invite everyone in our local community to join our group order.

There are 2 bulk orders available:

  1. ‘Dry Goodies’: a large selection of nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, dried fruit, beans, spices and more pantry items with many organic options. Unless otherwise stated, the products are sold in 1kg vacuum sealed bags. This is how we sell them; we don’t open them up to sell smaller quantities, but you could always team up with someone else to share.
  2. ‘Who Gives a Crap’: a selection of toilet paper, paper towel and tissues. The toilet paper comes in boxes of 48 or 24 rolls, so you’ll be set for months. Eco-friendly, made without trees, these products look funky and no plastic packaging is used. 50% of their profits is put towards building toilets in developing countries. Their double length rolls seem to last forever! As we order as a group, we can bring down their $26 shipping fee to Mission Beach (on top of the cost for a box) to $10 per box.

We can deliver to your home if you live in Mission Beach area or you can collect at our school office in South Mission Beach.

How does it work?

* Orders are placed 4 times per year in March, June, September and November. We will remind you by email and we will communicate on our social media channels.

* An invoice will be sent after we receive your order.

* Group order is placed and we will be in touch with you to organise delivery or collection.

Click here for the current ‘Dry Goodies’ List and here for the ‘Who Gives a Crap’ options.

Don’t want to miss out?

Please fill out your details if you would like to receive reminders about our Bulk Orders.

Do you live in the Mission Beach Area?