Our school is located at Dundee Park, a beautiful location just outside of Mission Beach, down South Maria Creek Close, near the Bingil Bay turn-off. Our school house has two toilets, office space, wheelchair ramp, large kitchen, wide wrap-around veranda. It also has parking space and rainforest gardens.

Our motto is ‘Grow Slow, Grow Strong’. We believe that children need time for play, unstructured play outdoors in the natural environment; time for hands-on real-life activities modelled by teachers, parents, artisans from the local community; time for creative thinking and collaboration.

We are inspired by Montessori, Steiner, Forest Learning and Nature Play philosophies, and governed by Cassowary Coast Community Campus INC.


Are you a Montessori School?

No. We are inspired by Montessori teaching and learning philosophies and we will strive for our students to become independent learners. We are subscribed to Montessori Australia and we’ve had Montessori teachers contribute towards our educational program. How we teach will be influenced by Montessori methods; however, what we teach will be drawn from the Australian Curriculum.

Are you a Steiner School?

No. Although we are inspired by Steiner philosophies, in teaching the whole child and the stages of a child’s development, we are not a Steiner school. We aspire to the Steiner physical school environment and aesthetic beauty.  We are also inspired by their focus on outdoor learning, their use of natural materials and creative play, and their mindfulness of seasonal changes.

What kind of school are you then?

This is what we will strive to be:
A home-away-from-home school where teachers and children are on a first name basis. Where lunch is prepared and shared together. Where children’s activities are primarily practical with real-life purpose.

Where children have time to play, create and collaborate. Where children can go to the toilet when they need to; have a break when they need to. Where children are free to wear clothing of their choice. Where children play and learn with children older and younger than themselves. Where children are given the time to direct their own learning based on what interests them.

Where children learn to be a part of the community by having planned outings and welcoming community members into the school. Where children learn to love and protect our environment through our nature play and forest school program, and where sustainability is taught by example.

Do you have a question?

Please contact us.


In 2019 The Rainforest School has opened its doors for a small group of students (Prep-Y3) and will continue to grow naturally each year. School fees (in 2019) are set to $500/term with a 25% reduction for siblings.

If you would like to enrol your child at our school please contact us.