The Kitchen / Garden Program

The Rainforest School offers a holistic approach to education that is reflected in our Kitchen/Garden Program. This program is a key component of our Health and Wellbeing Program as we believe that eating from a shared table instils a sense of belonging. The Kitchen/Garden Program provides our students with an understanding of the food groups and the nutritional values of food.

The Kitchen/Garden Program involves students tending to food gardens as well as cooking and serving meals. We value real-life learning, and the kitchen makes the perfect classroom to consolidate mathematical vocabulary and applications and reading literacy texts such as procedures with an authentic purpose.

Our school is proud to serve climate friendly vegetarian meals. We select many ingredients which are wholefoods, home-grown, bought locally or ordered in bulk to further reduce our waste and carbon footprint. This is one of the many ways that we strive to be a sustainable school.

At the Rainforest School students do not bring lunch boxes to school.