Seeking Community Consultation

Fundraising for our Forever Home

Over the year, The Rainforest School has coordinated many fundraising initiatives to work toward finding our “forever home”. This is a key goal in our Strategic Plan.

We thank our community for their continued support.

Proposal to Lease Frog’s Hollow

The Rainforest School has submitted a proposal to lease land from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council and to relocate our school to Frog’s Hollow in South Mission Beach. The next step is consulting with our local community to share our plans and seek feedback.

About The Rainforest School

The Rainforest School was founded in 2018 by two local teachers in response to community interest and demand. Our school is small by design and has been operating for 5 years. We teach to the Australian National Curriculum, offering enrolment placements from Year P-6.  Our school values are Community, Conservation, Connection, and Creativity. We invite you to further explore this website to find out more about our school.

It is our vision to build a school campus with relocatable historical Queenslanders and using sustainable practices to create a ‘home away from home’ while conserving and/or regenerating the surrounding tropical rainforests and wetlands. Frog’s Hollow will offer the perfect setting for The Rainforest School.

What will be the Community Benefits?

  • Educational Choice: Education in Australia consists of three sectors; State, Catholic, and Independent. The Rainforest School is an accredited Independent school, offering yet another quality educational choice for families in our local region. Relocating to Frog’s Hollow will increase our currently limited enrolment capacity.
  • Economic Impact: The Rainforest School has attracted families from interstate who have moved to our region to attend our school. It is expected that more job opportunities for members of our community will be created as our enrolment capacity grows.
  • Shared Facility & Community Building: Frog’s Hollow is, and will remain a shared facility. The Rainforest School would look forward to developing new community partnerships. We would value the opportunity to partner with community members and groups who currently use Frog’s Hollow, as well as other local organisations.
  • An Improved Community Resource: Frog’s Hollow has been identified by Council as an under-utilised facility. The Rainforest School will seek consultation to make improvements to the location for the mutual benefit of all community stakeholders.

User Survey

We would like to invite you to complete a short anonymous survey regarding Frog’s Hollow. This will give us insight into how Frog’s Hollow is currently being used and by who. Please click here to access the survey.

Additional Information

Please contact The Rainforest School for more information or to offer support. We will be hosting an Information Session on Tuesday 19th December 5pm at The Rainforest School to answer any questions from our community.

We look forward to your participation.