Pillars and Values

Our pillars are the four cornerstone values of our school.

Connection – Relationship building and a growth mindset is taught and nurtured.  Our school is a place where students and teachers on a first name basis. The Rainforest School engages with our local community, and encourages our students to become active and informed members of the community.

 Community – We conduct regular excursions to local facilities such as the library and aquatic centre as well as local parks and beaches. We invite community groups and individuals to provide knowledge and skills to enhance our educational program. Our students are involved in community service-based projects, such as printing and sewing Boomerang Bags and tree planting.

Conservation – Our school yard is the perfect outdoor classroom, with resident cassowaries, wallabies, sunbirds and butterflies which spark wonder in our students’ minds. It is through our connection with nature, that we develop a deep desire to love and protect this special place. The Rainforest School places emphasis on Sustainability as a priority for study that connects and relates relevant aspects of content across learning areas and subjects. Our school is proud to be a Reef Guardian School and strives to reduce our impact on the environment through sustainable practice.

Creativity – Our school has a focus on The Arts and we strive for our students to become confident and creative individuals. We provide our students with opportunities to work on individual and communal art projects. The educational program integrates The Arts into other learning areas and is also taught as stand alone subjects with the assistance of professional musicians, dancers and artists. Our school is adorned with beautiful murals that will inspire and bring out the artist in everyone.