Philosophy and Aims

Grow Slow – Grow Strong

The Rainforest School grew from our conviction that young children need time for play. Our school motto is “Grow slow, grow strong”. We value childhood as a precious gift that is bestowed on us for such a brief time in our life. A child’s imagination is so powerful, that while engaged in play, they can experience feats far beyond their capabilities. The Rainforest School offers students an educational program that allocates time for play-based learning in the early years. We believe that children have an absorbent mind and if nurtured, will instil a life-long love of learning.

Our Teaching Methodology

Our teaching is child-centered, with a balanced mix of hands-on, real-life and explicitly taught lessons. We deliver an education that is inclusive of all students at our school. We strive for our students to become creative, innovative and resourceful individuals who can draw on their knowledge and experience to solve problems. The classroom layout is designed to support our teaching practice and has many learning spaces for our students to use. Our flagship kitchen/garden program provides students with real-life skills and daily nutritious vegetarian meals. Our whole school reading program gives students access to the essentials of effective, evidence-based reading instruction matched to their level of reading development. We believe that learning is a journey and we strive to ensure that every student experiences success as they progress on their individual learning continuum.

Our Unique Culture

The atmosphere is homely, with consideration given to beauty, simplicity and the use of natural materials in a well prepared classroom. We encourage intrinsic motivation so that our learners can reach their full potential. Fostering authentic relationships and the use of restorative practice assists our students to build on their social and emotional knowledge. Student wellbeing is a priority at our school as we understand that it is crucial to successful learning. During our morning circle time we promote and support a growth mindset and focus on relationship building to instil a sense of belonging. Our relaxation time – either inside the classroom to the sound of live classical piano or outside in the rainforest to the sound of bird song and the meandering creek – enables our students to calm and clear their minds. It is this unwritten curriculum that helps to create the unique culture of The Rainforest School.

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