The Rainforest School believes that creating a sense of belonging, teaching social and emotional skills and nurturing relationships, is the key to promoting positive behaviour and successful conflict resolution. It is our aim that inappropriate behaviour and relationship breakdowns between any parties can be resolved through a process called Restorative Practice. This process is not about blame or punishment, but focuses on a growth mindset that we can all learn from improving our relationship skills with others. Restorative practice assists all involved to understand the effect their behaviour has had on others, to be accountable for this and to take steps for the relationship to be restored.

The Rainforest School expects all students to observe the School rules. The School rules are built on a foundation of safety, respect and learning:

  • Keep yourself and others safe
  • Respect yourself, others and the environment
  • Never stop learning and never stop others from learning

The School follows a Behaviour Management Policy and Process.