In 2019 The Rainforest School opened its doors to a small group of students in Prep-Y3. We will continue to grow naturally each year with our students. In 2020, we will offer Prep-Y4 and our fees are set to $500/term with a 25% reduction for siblings. Fees are subject to change to meet the financial needs of our school.

Enrolment Priority

  1. Families who share and commit to the philosophies and values of our school
  2. Siblings of existing student members of the school community
  3. Prep enrolments
  4. Date order of receiving your ‘expression of interest form’

If you would like to complete an online ‘expression of interest form’ for your child please contact us. We will then email you the link to complete this form online.

Please note that our school is small by design. Completing this form does not guarantee an enrolment at our school as our student intake numbers are limited.