The Rainforest School was founded in 2019 and is accredited to teach Prep to Year 6.

The Enrolment Process for 2023 has been finalised and all enrolment placements have been filled.

It is fundamental to our school operations that families are compatible with our philosophy and values. The Rainforest School aims to develop strong connections with our families to foster a vibrant learning community that ensures the best outcomes for its students.

Enrolment Priority:

      1. Families who share and commit to the philosophies and values of our school
      2. Prep enrolments

Prep will provide the usual entry point into the School. Children who are five years old, or who turn five on or before 30 June in that year, are eligible to start Prep.

An Offer of Enrolment will be determined by the School Principal with consideration given to the mission & vision of the school, its philosophies and values, the well-being of its student body and the school’s human, financial and physical resourcing capacities. In addition to our hierarchy of priority, we may also consider:

        • Commitment to maintain the long-term enrolment 
        • Commitment to developing strong ties between home and school
        • Age and gender balance
        • Siblings of current students
        • Children of The Rainforest School employees
        • Class sizes and places available in the relevant year

Enrolment at other year levels may be considered provided places are available. The Principal will refer to the Strategic Enrolment Progression Projections Data as the basis for decision-making.

Each year we receive many more Registers of Interest than the limited places available. Prospective students will be shortlisted, guided by the Enrolment Priority and three stages of the Enrolment Process outlined in our Enrolment Policy and Flow Chart.  Please note, that families who have submitted an early Register of Interest may not be shortlisted. Acceptance of an Enrolment Application and ensuing Enrolment Interview does not a guarantee an Offer of Enrolment. Offers of Enrolment at The Rainforest School are at the discretion of the Principal. 

Enrolment placements are offered for the commencement of each school calendar year. It is highly recommended that students participate in our Transition Program conducted during Term 4.

Essential dates for 2024 Enrolment:

        • Register of Interest  – closes on 12th May 2023
        • Enrolment Application  – closes 16th June 2023
        • Enrolment Interviews –  scheduled for late June 2023
        • Outcome of Enrolment Interviews – communicated end of June 2023
        • Transition Program – Term 4 2023

Enrolment Policy