The Rainforest School is inspired by Steiner philosophies. We believe that young children learn through imitation and creative play. Our student’s imaginations are fostered through stories, songs, interaction with nature and involvement in everyday activities.¬†Students can join activities such as cooking, gardening and crafts. We aspire to create a warm, nurturing environment filled with beautiful, natural play materials and outdoor spaces with gardens to care for.

The Rainforest School is inspired by Montessori teaching and learning philosophies. We believe that the teacher is the link between the child and the school environment. Having a well-prepared classroom is the key to providing students with self-directed learning opportunities. By observing the child, we can interpret their needs and interests and modify the classroom environment accordingly.

The Rainforest School is inspired by Nature Play and Forest School Learning. There are many great benefits of children growing an appreciation and connection with the natural environment.¬† Our outdoor classroom significantly improves all aspects of our student’s development. Playing outdoors grows resilience and self-confidence. It encourages the joy of movement and nurtures wild imaginations.